Green Quartz Small Tumbled Stones - Matt

  • Interesting green stones with white patches, rounded shape and smooth matt finish
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Green Quartz Small Tumbled Stones – Matt
These are interesting stones that have been semi-tumbled to develop a rounded shape with smooth, matt finish. Semi-tumbling retains the natural stone appearance while creating a smooth rounded stone shape.
These stones have a similar appearance to green chert but their green colour is brighter. They are also green with white but unlike our green chert stones, the white colour is not specific to the surface corners but is random. In these green quartz stones the white is a natural included colour whereas in green chert the white colour results from impact forces. 
They appear to be opaque but have a translucent nature that is evident when they are held in front of a bright light. For normal applications they should be considered to be opaque. 
The chemical formula of quartz is SiO2 (as it is a form of crystalline silica) with a trigonal crystal structure. Its ideal structure has a six-sided prism at each end (or at one end if the other end is attached to a substrate). It is common in both macrocrystalline and cryptocrystalline forms. Cryptocrystalline forms are generically referred to as chert.
Quartz is also a component of many other rock types such as moganite, chalcedony, agate and jasper.
Small stones
Longest dimension is 5mm-15mm with average length about 9mm. 
These are ideal for use in resin art.
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