Green Chert Small Tumbled Stones – Matt

  • Green stones with white edges, rounded shape and smooth matt finish
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Green Chert is cryptocrystalline quartz, usually of biological origin
These are interesting stones that have been semi-tumbled to develop a rounded shape with smooth, matt finish. Semi-tumbling retains the natural stone appearance while creating a smooth rounded stone shape.
The green colour of green chert can best be described as greyish olive green (definitely not a bright green colour). These green chert stones are very unusual as they are green with white edges and appear as if the green colour has been sanded off the edges. They are so unusual that they appear like white stones that have been artificially coloured with the edges breaking off during tumbling to expose the white below. The white is actually a change of colour that occurs on impact with this stone type. If you split a stone open it is green inside and these are genuine (like all our other stones). Anyway the white edges create a very interesting effect and the result is quite attractive. 
They appear to be opaque but have a translucent nature that is evident when they are held in front of a bright light. For normal applications they should be considered to be opaque. 
Chert is a name used for cryptocrystalline quartz. The individual crystals that make up chert are so small that it fractures into shapes more characteristic of glass than of crystals and chert stones were formed into arrow heads by Stone Age craftsman.
Chert is often of biological origin (organic) but may also occur inorganically as a chemical precipitate or a diagenetic replacement (e.g. petrified wood).
Small stones
Longest dimension is 5mm-15mm with average length about 9mm. 
These are ideal for use in resin art.
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