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  • Glow in the dark bangles for parties and events.
50 (Mixed Colors)
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Glow Bangles (also called glow-in-the-dark bracelets)

Glow Bangles are 8 inch flexible glow sticks with connectors.

Simply remove a glow stick from the pack. Bend the glow stick making sure you feel the inner tube break along the entire length. Use a connector that is provided to join the two ends of the glowing glow stick together around your wrist. You can also join a large number of glow sticks together to make a variety of items. You can connect three together to make a glowing necklace. 

Glow time is normally 8 hours.

Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.
Pack Size and Description
50 (Mixed Colors)
100 (Mixed Colors)
100 (Purple)

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