Normal Balloons: Pack of 5

R 5.00


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  • Use only as normal balloons. LED Lights inside do not work.
  • Suitable for Helium. 23cm diameter.
Pack of 5 - Multicolour
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Use only as normal balloons
Colors per pack of 5: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White
23cm diameter. Suitable for Helium filling.
These were LED balloons with flashing lights inside. They still have LED packing but most of the lights do not work so we rejected the batch and are selling these as normal balloons only. It will be your good luck to find some LED lights that work. 

At only R1.00 per balloon (R5.00 per pack) these are extremely cheap for any helium quality balloons. With normal air they will remain inflated for weeks. 

Unfortunately we do not have good quality LED Balloons in stock.

Keep out of reach of children or people who may try to place our products in their mouths.
Pack of 5 - Multicolour
Pack of 5 Multi-color - Sub Standard

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