Natural Rock Crystals

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  • Pack of 10: Double Terminated Natural Rock Crystals for Geode Art
10 Clear to Milky White Crystals
10 Translucent Yellowish-brown Crystals
10 Translucent Reddish-brown Crystals
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Geodes, Geode Art and Crystals

By now we all know that a geode is a cavity in a stone that is lined with crystals or minerals. Quartz crystals are the normal crystals found in geodes. 

Geode Art is inspired by natural geodes. Geodes are characterised by crystals and over-the-top natural colours, sparkle and beauty …….. geode art should be too.

As geodes contain quartz crystals it is hard to imagine geode art without any crystals. So let’s talk about quartz crystals!

Rock Crystals are also called Quartz Crystals and they are grown slowly by nature. They are natural products that vary in colour, shape and size.

Rock Crystals are relatively common (far more so that diamonds, rubies, topaz, emeralds etc). This makes them affordable for use in art and no better place to use them than in Geode Art.

Some types of Quartz Crystals you probably know about are Amethyst (purple), Citrine (yellow) and  Rose Quartz (pink) but there are many other colours including Blue Quartz, Prasiolite (green) and others.

The crystals we sell here are not pure colours but usually show a range of colour. They are all partly translucent which is important as translucent crystals create a better effect. To assist our customers we divide them into three colour groups as the names indicate. You may be able to buy large pure Amethyst or Citrine crystals but they will cost you a lot more and are more commonly used in jewellery than art.

Our crystals are doubly terminated which means they grew from both ends and both ends have a pyramid shaped termination. We sell packs of 10 crystals because we thought 10 to be a nice number for a geode art centre piece.

What should you use in Geode Art to create effects?

Crystals of course – as discussed above

Rough Crystal Stones:
These are clumps of quite small crystals but individual crystals can still be seen. They are used in the natural form that nature provided.
Currently we have Amethyst Rough Crystal Stones in stock.
Tumbled Stones:
Semi-precious stones that are tumbled to make them smooth and glossy. They do not look natural but the colours are natural and the effects in resin can be good. We don’t have a range of these yet but are working on it.
Pearlescent Pigments:
We supply a wide range of pearlescent pigments. The finer powders tend to create more solid colour while the larger ones create more sparkle. Our large diamond pearlescent pigments are based on glass and give a beautiful crystal sparkle in resin. And you get the benefit of using naturally occurring materials in your art as pearlescent pigments are mainly Titanium Dioxide coated onto Mica or Glass. 
Make sure to use a glitter that is heat and chemical resistant otherwise you may be in for a big surprise as your resin cures. Our advice is to stay away from cheap arts and craft glitters and to use heat and chemical resistant glitter that are also non-fading. We have a range of durable glitters that survive resin chemicals and the curing heat. They are lightfast too.
Gold and Silver Leaf:
We do not currently supply these but will have stock soon.
Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.
10 Clear to Milky White Crystals
10 Translucent Yellowish-brown Crystals
10 Translucent Reddish-brown Crystals
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