Rough Crystal Stones

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  • Natural Crystal Stones the way nature created them.
  • Resin brings out their beautiful colours. Perfect for Geode Art.
100g Amethyst Crystals
10g Deep Purple Amethyst Crystals
100g Aquamarine Small Crystals
1 Rose Quartz Stone - Large
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All the pictures include a R1 coin. This allows you to clearly see the size of the crystal stones. All the pictures contain the actual quantity that we supply for each item. 

Geodes, Geode Art and Crystals

By now we all know that a geode is a cavity in a stone that is lined with crystals or minerals. Quartz crystals are common crystals found in geodes. 

Geode Art is inspired by natural geodes. Geodes are characterised by crystals and over-the-top natural colours, sparkle and beauty …….. geode art should be too.

Why Natural Crystal Stones?
Here we sell crystal stones in the rough form, the way nature created them. Their natural colours are enhanced in resin thus making them an excellent option for Geode Art. Their rough untouched form gives art beautiful natural features.
These crystal stones form naturally and thus vary significantly in size and shape. The term "rough" refers to them being uncut, unpolished and not tumbled (tumbling is a process used to make stones more spherical). 
Amethyst is the most popular of the Quartz Crystals. Quartz has the formula SiO2 (made from Silicon and Oxygen). The beautiful natural colour of amethyst is purple. There are many other forms of Quartz Crystals such as Rose Quartz (pink), Citrine (yellow), Blue Quartz and Prasiolite (green).
100g Amethyst Crystal
Most of these stones are made up of numerous small crystals that are large enough to be visible as individual crystals. 
These stones have some remnants of the rock that they grew on and these sections are usually a brownish-yellow colour. Most also contain some whitish cloudy sections which are formed by the inclusion of liquid or gas impurities in the crystals as they grow naturally. The natural amethyst colour of these stones is a beautiful light purple.

Each unit that we supply consists of stones that range from large (usually 15mm to 30mm) to small (usually 5mm). We do not count the stones but sell them by weight. 100g is typically between 20-30 stones depending on the average size. We sort these stones to make sure that each unit we supply has a range of stone sizes.

10g Deep Purple Amethyst Crystals
As the name suggests these amethysts stones are a darker, richer purple than the 100g Amethyst Crystal Stones above. These are quite small stones usually about 8-20mm in length and and 3-8mm thick. They have very little remaining of the original rock that they grew on so the deep purple colour is very dominant.  
10g is usually about 10-11 stones
100g Aquamarine Small Crystals
These are small stones with the smallest about the size of coarse gravel. We supply them in a mix of sizes from around 2mm to around 8mm. These small stones vary in colour from fairly colourless to green-blue but the dominant colour in the mix is always green-blue.
Aquamarine is a Beryl Crystal. Beryl has the chemical formula Be3Al2Si6O18 (made from Beryllium/Aluminium/Silicon/Oxygen).
Pure Beryl is clear but not highly sort after. Various colours are created by the inclusion of impurities as the crystals form which can create beautiful transparent colours. 
Aquamarine is a greenish-blue variety of Beryl. Deep Green Beryl is called Emerald. Some other forms of Beryl are Green Beryl (too light to be called Emerald), Heliodor (yellowish), Morganite (pink), Golden Beryl and Red Beryl (extremely rare). 
1 Rose Quartz Stone Large
Excellent stone for stress relief. This is because we supply you a single large stone and you have to use a hammer to break it up to your required sizes. This takes a fair bit of effort and we could have done it for you but then we couldn't charge the premium for the stress relief benefits. 
Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink quartz. You can see the approximate stone size in the picture by comparing to the R1 coin. It is actually a crystal but due to its size and shape most people would think of it as a beautiful stone. 
Please note that each unit you order is just one single large stone. 
What is a crystal, a stone and a crystal stone?
To keep it simple and non-scientific, just think of stones as being small rocks and crystals as being very pure stones. So think of crystals as a special type of stone which may or may not have distinct crystal edges. Rose Quartz for example is a crystal that almost never has crystal edges and is shaped much more like a common stone. When they have a crystal shape with distinct edges we may tend to call them crystals and when they have a random shape we may tend to call them stones. It is okay to refer to both Amethyst or Rose Quartz Crystals or to Amethyst or Rose Quartz Stones for example. So we decided to call this collection of products "Crystal Stones"; not to confuse you but to imply that they are crystals with a stone shape and that don't have distinct crystal edges. We can also refer to a joined group of crystals as a single stone. I suggest you don't Google this unless you really want to get confused. 
Here are some ideas of things to include in Geode Art
Rough Crystal Stones – as discussed above
Large crystals are perfect for the centre of geode art creations. As all natural geodes contain crystals it is hard to imagine realistic geode art without any. 
Tumbled Stones:
Semi-precious stones that are tumbled to make them smooth and glossy. They do not look natural but the colours are natural and the effects in resin can be good. We don’t have a range of these yet but are working on it.
Pearlescent Pigments:
We supply a wide range of pearlescent pigments. The finer powders tend to create more solid colour while the larger ones create more sparkle. Our large diamond pearlescent pigments are based on glass and give a beautiful crystal sparkle in resin.
Make sure to use a glitter that is heat and chemical resistant otherwise you may be in for a big surprise as your resin cures. Our advice is to stay away from cheap arts and craft glitters and to use heat and chemical resistant glitter that are also non-fading. We have a range of durable glitters that survive resin chemicals and the curing heat. Our glitters are lightfast too making them suitable for exterior art. 
Gold and Silver Leaf:
We do not currently supply these but will have stock soon.
Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.
Pack Size
Pack Size
1 Rose Quartz Stone - Large
100g Amethyst Crystals
10g Deep Purple Amethyst Crystals
100g Aquamarine Small Crystals

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