COVID-19 and E-commerce

Important COVID-19 precautions

Covid-19 Updates:

We believe that e-commerce is a safer form of shopping than walking around malls. While we take care in our processes please take care yourself. The WHO states that it has found no evidence that letters and parcels can spread the virus but we strongly recommend the following:

If your parcel has been packed for 3 days then it is impossible for the contents to contain active COVID-19. After couriers deliver to you it is a good idea to spray your parcel or package with disinfectant before opening, or if you can’t do that then dispose of packing and immediately wash your hands after opening. An extra precaution is to wait a day before opening if you receive your parcel within 1-2 days of our “Order Shipped” email notification.

We have implemented precautions in our office and manufacturing facilities. It appears that South Africa is at the initial stages of a 3rd wave so we urge everybody to take care.