Blue Tiger's Eye Rough Stones

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  • Dark bluish-grey stones with orange portions.
  • Not particularly beautiful but interesting.
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Blue Tiger's Eye is generally called Hawk's Eye
These are natural stones that have not been tumbled or polished.
Tiger's eye (also called tiger eye) is a chatoyant gemstone best known to have a golden to red-brown colour and a silky lustre. Subtle chemical difference result in the formation of a blue coloured version. 
In Tiger's Eye formation, quartz crystallises over a fibrous material that is usually crocidolite, a form of asbestos. This fibrous crocidolite is blue in colour but is gradually replaced by quartz and the alignment of the replacement quartz gives the characteristic chatoyant effect. Tiger's eye is formed by parallel intergrowth of quartz crystals as the quartz crystals replace the crocidolite fibres.
When the crystalline quartz contains less iron and when a significant amount of the crocidolite fibres have not been replaced then the stone can have a blue colour due to the blue colour of crocidolite. Blue Tigers Eye is thus partly quartz and partly crocidolite. 
These stones include bluish-grey patches or lines as well as significant yellowish sections. They do not have as much silky lustre as may be expected from tiger's eye but are very interesting, especially if one appreciates the process of formation. 
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