Newsletter November 2019

Bastion Paint Newsletter: 6th Edition

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New Products launched since our previous Newsletter

Clear Top Coat – Matt

Our Clear Top Coat - Gloss has been recognized as an industry leader for a few years. We have often been asked for a matt equivalent so now we now manufacture one. Clear Top Coat - Matt has all the protective and easy to clean properties of our Clear Top Coat - Gloss.

A protective clear top coat that is hard wearing, dirt resistant, non-yellowing and easy to clean. A high quality acrylic top coat for acrylic art and to protect water based paints used in demanding applications.

Gives your surface a totally flat matt finish.

Zombies, Wounds and Blood

We have launched a new range of products to create special effects on skin. We have Standard Blood and three kits (Zombie Kit, Wound Kit and Blood Kit). These Kits are used by movie and theatre professionals as well as for medical simulations but they are also great for home style special effects.

The following may upset sensitive readers:

Put in your zombie teeth, create wounds with glass sticking out, adjust blood to old and dry or fresh and tasty! Scabs, burns and slit throats are all easy to create.

Heavy Body Metallic Paints

Our 15 soft body metallic paints are well known by artists and are frequently used for feature walls. We have now launched all the same metallic colours in heavy body art paint. Great for impasto techniques, these paints can be applied with brush or pallet knife. Amazingly they spread with a brush but can also be used to create “hills & valleys” and even points. Available in 100ml units.

Photochromic Paints

5 UV sensitive paints will available before 15 November 2019. These paints are clear indoors and become a beautiful colour when taken outside during the day.

Videos, Blogs and Reviews


Our Special Effect Products are often difficult to demonstrate in pictures so we have started posting videos of our products on YouTube in order to demonstrate and describe them better. So far we have created a number of videos on our resin art products and have started making videos of our Special Effect Paints. The resin art videos show both the raw materials and resin art created with them. Although some are with music, most are with voice allowing the viewer to quickly grasp the product range and its applications. Videos can be selected on relevant product pages of our website but a menu item has been added that takes you to all the videos so that you can easily find any that you require.  


While anybody with a Google account can review us at we also take part in a much more advanced review system called Google Customer Reviews. Only customers who place orders can select to receive a one question survey from Google after they receive their order. Since we signed up to this Google system recently we have received an average rating of 4.8 stars. At the time of writing we had received 133 reviews with the vast majority being 5/5 and 96% being a 4 or 5 star rating. Clearly our customers love our products and service. Anybody can read all the reviews by clicking on the Review Badge in the footer of each page of our website.


Our website now provides a direct link to all our previous newsletters and interesting articles such as Painting Feature Walls. Reader can also make comments.

Top Shop Tips for non-online shoppers:

Port Elizabeth:

  • You can get almost all our Pearlescent Pigments from Strand Hardware.
  • Crafty Arts has many of our products in small containers including our new Pearl Top Coats, Colour Transition Acrylics and Clear top Coat – Matt.


Jack’s Paint Blackheath is the place to buy many of our Metallic Paints in 1 and 5 litre container sizes.

Western Cape:

LT Paints in Woodstock is the place to buy many of our Metallic Paints and Bright Neon Paints in 1 and 5 litre container sizes.

Arts and Crafts products

  • Cape Town: PNA Strand, PNA Medowridge
  • Somerset West: PNA Somerset West & PNA Colours
  • Stellenbosch: PNA Eikestad Mall
  • Hermanus: PNA Whale Coast Mall
  • Swellendam: My Smart Art Shop
  • Tokai: Prime Paints




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