Newsletter February 2019

Bastion Paint Newsletter  (February 2019) – Geode Art, Non-Oily Cell Former & New Colours


Hello again and thanks for reading our third Newsletter.


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Price Decreases

Holidays are over and bank accounts depressed so we are glad to have some good news. The price of our Bright Neon/UV Paints and Powder Pigments as well as our beautiful Malachite Pearlescent powder have decreased significantly. These price decreases have been made possible by increased volumes and associated economies of scale. We have added a beautiful new Fluorescent Magenta pigment powder to our range.


Geode Art

Quartz Crystals and Rough Crystal Amethyst Stones are now available. Our range of products for resin art is continually growing so keep an eye on our website.


Acrylic Pouring Art

Many of you who do Acrylic Pouring Art may remember our Cell Former that offered a non-oily alternative to other cell formers. We were forced to stop the production of this due to a raw material shortage but we now finally have stock again. Here is some information on both the cell forming products that we manufacture.


Turbo Cell:

This is a portent cell forming product that forms cells via two separate mechanism. Cells are prolific and guaranteed and best of all numerous unusual cell types are developed like evenly spaced hollow spheres and coloured borders. Replace 3-4 drops of conventional silicone with 1 drop of Turbo Cell.


Non-oily Cell Former:

This offers unique benefits of being non-oily and is a good option when you want to apply a resin top coat over your pour. Oils and resin don’t mix so when using oily cell forming products a lot of time has to be spent removing the oil before applying the resin. Our Non-oily Cell Former removes the need for cleaning the artwork before applying a top coat but it needs to be used as directed (no stirring after addition of this cell former and add it to paint only a short time before the pour).


New Paint Colours

We have added 5 new colours to our range of Acrylic Pouring Paints and increased the brightness of our Bright Red even further. The new colours are Cerise Pink, Blaze Orange, Purple, Strong Violet and Chrome Oxide Green. Chrome Oxide Green is a wonderful natural looking green that is perfect for landscape effects. 


Making Slime, soaps, bath bombs or home cosmetics:

We have a range of Cosmetic Neon and Cosmetic Pearlescent Pigments certified for skin contact applications.


And we have much more……here are a few:

Awesome metallic paints for arts & crafts, garden features and feature walls.

Paints and products for Marbling Art.

A range of Safety and Security paints.

Want to spray acrylic/PVA paints? No problem, just add our Airbrush Medium to any water-based paint and spray away.

Body Glow Paints and Glow Accessories……everything you need for a Glow-in-the-dark Party.


Take a look on our web site at some beautiful wall mural art done with our Arts & Craft Acrylics.


Easy Shopping

You can browse our entire product range in our wonderful online shop ( Parking is always available, no car guards and you won’t wait in queues.

If you prefer dealing with a human then reply to this email or call us and let us know what you are interested in so that we can mail you the relevant catalogues. As always our service will be excellent and our guaranteed delivery to your door will arrive in no time.


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