Newsletter August 2021


Newsletter August 2021

Epoxy Resins and Resin Art

Our 6 Epoxy Resins are suitable for applications from resin art to counter tops to river tables. We stock a very wide range of pigments for use in resins including Colour Pearlescent Pigments, Interference Pigments, Neon Pigments, Conventional Colour Pigments, Colour Shift, Thermochromic and Photochromic Pigments, Glow-in-the-dark Pigments and wide range of Glitter Powders including Holographic Glitter, Colour Shift Glitter and Chunky Glitters. And now we are proud to launch a new pigment called Bright Aluminium Silver that will make your resin look like Liquid Silver.

We also offer a wide range of Crystals and Stones for use in resin art as well high quality Silicone Moulds.

Get 15% discount on Aluminium Bright Silver Pigment, Holographic Glitter, Holographic Snowflake Glitter & Colour Shift Pigments. Enter Voucher Code: PIGMENT15 when checking out an order. Valid until 21/08/2021.

Metallic Paints

We manufacture an amazing range of Metallic Paints. 15 bold metallic paint colours in Normal, Super Adhesion and Ultra Thick varieties. We also manufacture 4 Interference Metallic Paints and 9 Soft Pastel Metallic Paints. Our Super Adhesion Metallic Paints are for application directly onto plastic, non-corroding metals, resins, ridged rubber, wall tiles and most fabrics. Our Ultra Thick Metallic Paints are mainly for artists doing impasto techniques. Our 15 colours of Normal, Super Adhesion and Ultra Thick Metallic Paints will increase to 17 within a few days as we are about to add beautiful Purple and Violet to the ranges.

Our three Crystal Sparkle Paints (Gold, Silver and Rainbow) add uniqueness to many surfaces and we also sell a unique Paint Glitter that can be added into any colour of water based paint before painting.

Paints that change colour

For even more unusual effects use one of our colour changing paints: Colour Transition Paints change colour as viewing angle changes, Photochromic Paints change colour when moved outdoors and our Thermochromic Paints change colour with temperature.

Lots, lots more

There is a colour or effect for every feature wall, door, plant pot, garden table and just about everything else. Our paint products are offered in small arts and crafts containers and larger feature wall sizes including 1, 5 and 20 litre units.

For Safety and Security we manufacture Bright Neon Paints, Glow-in-the-dark Paints, Reflective Paints and Invisible UV Paint.

And of course we have paints and products for Arts and Crafts, Western Marbling Art and Acrylic Pouring Art. Our three cell forming products and Flow Control Medium have been top sellers in South Africa for over two years.

Shop Online

Our Online shop is open 24/7, our delivery is fast, our product and service reviews are excellent, our staff are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and our website links to videos that demonstrate and explain many of our products.


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