Newsletter April 2019

Bastion Paint Newsletter (April 2019) – Resins, Crystals, Stones, Paints and Pigments.


Hello again and thanks for reading our fourth Newsletter.


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Here’s what is new. Perhaps we have something you need and didn’t even know you needed it!


Epoxy Resins

Our Epoxy Resins (imported from USA) are now available. We have a Coating Resin (also called an Art Resin or Counter Top Resin) and a Casting Resin. These are high quality resins that are UV stabilised and will not suffer from amine blush. There is full technical information on our web site or it can be emailed to you.


Don’t forget that we already have a wide range of products that can be used together with resins including pearlescent pigment, glitter powders, speciality pigments, glow-in-the-dark powders, crystals & stones and low cost resin fillers. We also have resin release wax.


Water-soluble Food and Personal Care Colourants

We have introduced a range of Halaal and Kosher approved colourants. The powders readily dissolve in water and you simply add this solution to whatever you are making. A 50g unit of powder that we sell is roughly equivalent to 23 bottles of liquid food colourant that you can buy in a supermarket. Perfect for home and small manufacturing businesses that need to save money but can’t import in bulk.


Cosmetic Pigments for Personal Care Products

In any skin contact products that you may be making (including soaps), you should only use pigments approved for skin contact applications. We have a range of pearlescent pigments, diamond pearlescent pigments for sparkle and neon coloured pigments, all certified for cosmetic applications.


Crystals and Stones

We introduced these in our previous newsletter. The range is now fully developed and is divided into natural crystals, enhanced crystals, rough stones, processed stones and cabochons. We have included lots of small stones and crystals for resin artists.


Our Marbling & Pouring Paint range and our Arts, Crafts & Fabric Paint range are now Low VOC and Formaldehyde Free.

This means that the total VOC of the final colours is less than 40g per Litre. All raw materials used in these paints do not contain formaldehyde based preservative and we are not aware of any formaldehyde releasing chemicals in these paints.


New Acrylic Pouring Paint Colours

There is always a demand for stronger, brighter colours at affordable prices. Our beautiful new Orange and Maroon colours have only been available for a few weeks and already we see many people posting pics of their artwork done with these colours on social media. We now have Pyrrol Red (which is significantly brighter than our previous Red that was based on a Napthol pigment). Scarlet and Magenta are about to be launched. Ultramarine Blue will also soon be available to increase our range of blue colours.

The pigments used in each paint are now stated on our website and on product labels.

Scarlet is a bright orange red colour.

Maroon is a deep blue red. It sits about half way between blue and red.

Magenta is a bright blue red, but only about 25% away from red. It is an excellent colour when a bright, strong ‘pink’ in required.


New Interference Pearlescent Pigments

We use the term “Interference Pearlescent Pigments” to describe pearlescent pigments that are almost transparent and impart a translucent effect that you can see through. Following the popularity of our Interference Blue in resin art, we have added Interference Green and Red as well as some larger particle size interference pigments that generate more of a sparkle effect.


New Paints in development

Thermochromic paints, new colours of Colour Travel Paints, Black Pearl Paint and new Pearl Top Coats will all be available within a few months…………..provided our lab staff continue to work weekends. We may well introduce these formally in our next Newsletter.


Thanks for reading


Hopefully we have something that you need. Remember we have many more existing products and only new developments are contained in this Newsletter. If nothing else you can certainly see that we keep ourselves busy………to keep you busy and motivated to try new techniques and ideas with affordable local products.

Our office staff are always willing to help and they have access to technical people and information for difficult queries.




office: 032 525 4491


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