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Bastion Paint Newsletter 1: October 2018


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Artists who follow what is happening on the local scene of Acrylic Pouring Art have probably heard about our new cell forming product called Turbo Cell. This potent cell forming product outperforms liquid silicone by a long way and gives a wider range of cell types. Typical results include cells inside cells inside cells, evenly spread hollow spheres within cells, cell boarders and all the more typical cell formations.

Only a single drop in some of the pour colours is all you will need for small to medium sized pours so a little really does go a long way.

Our Flow Control Medium is a highly successful gloss pouring medium usually used in a ratio of 1 to 1 with medium body acrylic paints. It now contains liquid waxes that interact with cell forming products to further enhance cell formation. It creates a highly flexible glossy finish and at only R153 per litre and R695 per 5 litre we are sure this is the best value pouring medium available in South Africa.

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