Newletter June 2020

Bastion Paint Newsletter: 8th Edition
Hello again and thanks for reading our Newsletter.
Fortunately Bastion Paint is alive and well and during the lockdown period we were able to focus on laboratory technical developments.
So much is new since our last Newsletter that we will just touch on each development briefly.

             New, ever better, Flow Control Medium

We were the first local manufacturer to produce a pouring medium specifically for acrylic pouring and the product has remained the first choice of many artists. Now we have improved on the successful formulation of our Flow Control Medium with some amazing chemistry that resists all forms of cracking. Avoiding cracking is always tricky for artists who know if the weather is too hot, if they torch too much, if they dilute too much or if they pour too thick then cracking can occur. Our new Flow Control Medium greatly increases the artist’s window while retaining the same flexible glossy finish of our previous Flow Control Medium.

           New Pearl Pigments

Two new Pearlescent Pigments, Magic Violet and Azure Blue, are now available. Magic Violet is one of the most stunning pigments in the range. While we have had our beautiful Sapphire Blue for some time, our new Azure Blue pigment offers a lower cost blue alternative. We keep saying; “Now we have enough colours” but somehow keep adding more.

         Starter Packs

We have introduced starter Packs for Acrylic Pouring and Resin Art
We have two Acrylic Pouring Starter Packs (Small & Large) and for resin work we have launched a Resin Art Starter Pack and a Resin Casting Starter Pack.


 XTC-3D Brush-On Coating

Brush onto almost any surface to create a smooth glossy finish.
Apply as a clear coat, add colourants or sand and paint.
Very useful to finish 3D printed items. Greatly reduces the time and effort required to get a smooth, glossy finish.


   New Silicone Moulds

Our range of moulds is continually being increased and our new coaster moulds are wonderful.


  The riveting story of Glitter Paint, Sparkle Paint & Paint Glitter

Glitter powder does not work well in paint. Coloured paints simply coat and hide glitter so its use is limited to clear paints. In clear paints, however, the glitter particles lie flat in the thin paint film and so look like dirt specs when not at angles that sparkle well.

To overcome this we have a very successful paint range called Crystal Sparkle. These are clear glossy paints that contains tiny crystals. The secret to these is that, unlike glitter, the sparkling particles are transparent so don’t look like dirt specs when viewed at angles that don’t sparkle. They are also very small so don’t all lie flat in the thin paint film.  If you want to add a subtle sparkle to an existing surface then our Crystal Sparkle Paint is the way to go.

But now with new chemistry we have a silver glitter powder that can be mixed into almost any water based paint and magically sparkles once the paint dries. At first you will think we lied as the glitter gets hidden in the wet paint but then suddenly your dry paint will start to sparkle. You simply buy our product “Paint Glitter”, add it to your paint then stir and paint as normal.

Don’t forget our other products

All sorts of unusual paints and pigments, epoxy resin systems, silicone moulds, blood, wound and zombie skin effect products, crystals and stones…………..and more. Specialist manufacturer of paints for feature walls, other special effects, safety & security and acrylic pouring art. Supplier of products for resin art, resin casting, skin effects and more.



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