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Bastion Paint Newsletter (August 2019) - Resin Art Products and New Special Effects Paints.


Hello again and thanks for reading our fifth Newsletter.


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In our little business so much happens that it is impossible to tell you about all the new products and developments. Here are some of the things that we think you would like to know about:

We have introduced a large number of Resin Art Products:

  • Our Allure range of liquid resin colourants offers 15 highly concentrated, lightfast pigments that are extremely easy to add and mix into resin. These will give you the brightest, strongest colours of resin you have ever seen. For translucent colours just add a really tiny amount (for small amounts of resin, translucent colours can be made by simply dipping the end of a toothpick into the colourant and then dipping it into your resin – that’s how little you require). Packaged in convenient dropper bottles.
  • We offer Pearlescent Pigments for continuous Metallic effect, Interference Pearlescent Pigments for translucent Metallic effects, Colour Shift Pigments for Mother-of-pearl effects and Diamond Sparkle Pigments and Glitter Powders for sparkle effects. All of these are heat and chemical resistant as well as lightfast.
  • We also have an exciting range of Bright Neon Pigments but, unlike the products above, these require good mixing (usually with mechanical equipment) to disperse them in resins.
  • Our range of crystals and stones is continuously growing. We have adding another 20 natural, beautiful Rough Stones and Tumbled Stones in small size perfect for resin art.
  • We also offer Texturing Glass Spheres (similar particle size to beach sand) and Resin Art Glass (large clear glass chunks). These can all be handled safely without gloves (no sharp bits).
  • Our online shop now has a product page devoted specifically to resin art colours and effects so that all you can find all resin art products in one place.


Colour Transition Acrylics

You can create absolutely stunning colour shifting, mother-of-pearl effects using these paints. They can be used in a wide variety of applications that vary from feature walls to fine art. Blue to Mauve is our newest product and many peoples favourite. You should read about them on our website as they vary in opacity which allows for interesting effects. Lower opacity products work well over dark colours while higher opacity products work well over both light and dark colours. These special light interference effects are quite spectacular and every artist who has tried them has commented on how beautiful they are.


Pearl Top Coats

We launched four Pearl Top Coats. These give a very strong colour effect over black and very weak to no colour effect over white. The pearl effect is derived from light seemingly reflecting from below the paint surface. Simply paint your feature wall black and put a coat of one of these over and the result will be a wall that people visit you to see. They are strong, high flow protective top coats so can be used as a final coat over acrylic art. Black and white art can be magically transformed with a simple top coat.



Pearlescent Pigments

Our range of Pearlescent Pigments has been expanded by the inclusion of Silver-blue, Sapphire, Black, Rose Gold and Champagne. All these pearlescent pigments are stunning and easy to use in resin.

We have now introduced Pearlescent Pigment Packs so you can buy all colours in a set of 10g units. We have three Pearlescent Packs: Coloured (13 products) Interference (3 products) and Speciality (5 products).


Metallic Paints

We increased our Metallic Paint range to 15 colours by adding Black Pearl and Deep Sapphire. By blending our aluminium pigments with pearlescent pigments we can match metallic colours required for larger orders. For those in Cape Town, LT Paints in Woodstock is the place to buy many of our Metallic Paints in 1 and 5 litre container sizes.


Thermochromic Pigments and Paints

Five Thermochromic Pigments are now available. These undergo a reversible colour change at 31oC. The pigments are not easily mixed into resin or water-based mediums but are easy to use in oil mediums and are commonly used in nail polish products (your partner will know when you are cold, you won’t have to tell him). We also have Thermochromic Paints so on warm summer days your walls will change colour twice per day. Paint your kid’s room and they will invite all their friends to watch their walls undergo the fast, magical colour change.


Marbling and Pouring Paints


Our new very bright colours are proving very popular. If you want bright then try our Pyrrol Red, Orange-Red, Pyrrol Orange, Bismuth Lemon Yellow, Azo Yellow and Bright Lime Green. Good pictures of all the colours are available on our website.


Acrylic Inks

These are new products and we manufacture 12 colours. They can be thought of as extremely high flow acrylic paints or as permanent liquid water colours. They behave like water colours except that once dry they are permanent and can’t be lifted by wetting. The pigment concentration is extremely high and only lightfast pigments are used. Inks based on dyes are usually not lightfast and fade over time so these inks based on pigments are far superior.


Reflective Paints

These are industrial safety products and we now manufacture both Smooth and Textured Reflective Paints. The Smooth and Textured Reflective Top Coats are sold with a wide range of high visibility Base Coat colours. Paint these onto walls, rock faces, trees etc. for safety purposes or to draw a driver’s attention to something specific.



Q: What is the difference between pigments and dyes?

A: Dyes dissolve in the medium they are carried in. They have binding properties that fix them to their intended substrate. They are often not lightfast so fade over time. Pigments are not dissolved but are present as tiny particles suspended in the liquid medium in which they are dispersed. They do not bind well to substrates unless a binder is also included in the final product (e.g. acrylic binder is added to pigments and water to make paint).  Many pigments are lightfast (non-fading) which makes them better than dyes in many applications.


Q: Does one have to use cosmetic pigments in soap production?

A: Yes. Any ingredient that touches the skin (often in personal care products) needs cosmetic approval. We have a range of Neon, Pearlescent, Diamond Sparkle & Colour Shift pigments that are FDA approved for skin contact as well as an approved range of 10 water-soluble colourants.


Top Shop Tips for non-online shoppers:

If you are in PE:

You can now get almost all our Pearlescent Pigments from Strand Hardware.

Crafty Arts has many of our products in small containers including our new Pearl Top Coats and Colour Transition Acrylics.

Need Metallic Paints on a large scale in Cape Town:

LT Paints in Woodstock is the place to buy many of our Metallic Paints in 1 and 5 litre container sizes.



Keep creative, keep decorating, keep adding colour and keep benefitting from science. We make all this easy for you!


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