New Products 2021


We have launched a number of new products in 2021


Soft Pastel Metallic Paints:
Our Metallic Paints all have strong, bold colours. Sometimes a more subtle effect is required, especially for certain interior applications. We launch our range of 9 Soft Pastel Metallic Paints for this purpose. Their appearance may be better described as a pearl effect than a metallic effect. The range consist of White Pearl and 4 colours each available in Subtle and Pastel shades. 
Super Adhesion Metallic Paints:
This range has exactly the same colours as our Standard Metallic Paint range but the paints are made for direct applications onto a wide variety of surfaces including masonry, plastics, melamine, resins, wall tiles, non-corroding metals, ridged rubbers, fabrics and interior wood.
Crystal Sparkle Rainbow
We added an additional colour to our successful Crystal Sparkle paint range, Crystal Sparkle Rainbow gives a subtle sparkle effect in all rainbow colours. Rainbow joins Gold and Silver that are already in the range. 
Bright Shining Aluminium Pigment
This is a surface treated aluminum pigment powder. It was launched primarily for use in Resins but can be used in may other mediums as well. It is the only silver pigment available in South Africa that gives resins a bright silver, liquid metal appearance. It also imparts some shimmer. 
Launching very soon
  • Shining Silver Aluminium Paint
  • Metallic Paint Purple and Violet. These colours will also be added to our Super Adhesion Paint range and our Ultra Thick Metallic Paint range. 


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