New Products 2020


We launched a number of new products in 2020

Deep Clear Casting Resin by Sicomin: This resin can be cast in layers up to 10cm (100ml) thick so is perfect for river tables. 

Paint Glitter: This Magic Silver Glitter can be mixed into any colour water based paint and magically appears sparkling on the surface of the dry paint.

New Pearlescent Pigment: Azure Blue

New Pearlescent Pigment: Magic Violet

Silicone Moulds: We have added and continue to add a number of new moulds including high quality Coaster and Jewellery Moulds.

In May 2020 we launched two Acrylic Pouring Starter Packs: Small and Large.

XTC-3D Brush-On Coating: Apply to any surface to smoothen and create a gloss finish. Very usefull for any 3D printed item. 

In June 2020 we launched two resin starter packs: Resin Art Starter Pack and Resin Jewellery & Coaster Starter Pack

Launched new food contact approved epoxy resins for counter tops and casting.

In July we added a third Resin Starter Pack. This one is for River Tables and contains Deep Casting Resin, Pigment Powders, Liquid Colourants and Release Wax. 

More new silicone moulds. Try our Geode with Centre Hole, Disc Coater and Moulds by Yulia Glas including an awesome Crystal Cluster Mould. 

Aug 2020: We now offer a lower cost epoxy resin as well. While not UV resistant it is great for learning with and for castings that are pigments (pigments will hide the yellowing that occurs in non UV stabilised resins, 

Sep 2020: We added a number of our stones in a smaller size so that they can be included in shallow castings such as coasters. The sizes of our small stones for resin art are now classified as Extra Small, Small 1 and Small 2. 

Oct 2020: We just added a beautiful new Pearlescent Pigment called Lemon Grass.

Two large silicone moulds were added our range; Large Hexagon and Flower moulds. 

November 2020: Add 18 Glitter Powders and Flakes. We split the new products into three product groups; XXL Colour Shift Glitter Flakes, Mixed Size & Shape Glitter and Mixed Size & Colour Glitter. 

Added one additional Epoxy Resin called Medium to Deep Casting Epoxy Resin. It is suitable for casting in layers of 15mm to 50mm thick, 






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