New Poducts 2019

New Products so launched so far in 2019

We have only just started communicating via our blog. From now on all new products will be announced via our blog but in this article we will list some of the main products that we have launched thus far in 2019.

  • We extended our Pearlescent Pigment Range with the following colours: Black, Sapphire Blue, Rose Gold, Champagne.
  • We launched Pearlescent Pigment Packs. These allow customers to buy 10g of each colour in single discounted pack. Three such packs are available.
  • We launched two Epoxy Resin systems; Clear Counter Top Epoxy Resin and Clear Casting Resins. We do not manufacture these ourselves but they are imported from the USA.
  • We launched a significant range of Crystals and Stones primarily targeting resin art. As such our focus is on small stones which are hard to find elsewhere. We have three categories of stones; rough stones, tumbled stones – matt and tumbled stones – glossy. We have two categories of crystals; natural crystals and enhanced crystals.
  • We added Resin Art Glass and Texturing Glass Microspheres to our product range.
  • We added a significant range of Allure Epoxy Resin Liquid Colourants. These highly concentrated pigments are very easily mixed into resin to generate amazing colours. Adding very little creates translucent colours while adding a little more creates strong solid colours.
  • We added three Colour Travel Paints (also called Chameleon Paints) to the paint range that we manufacture. These amazing paints change colour as viewing angle changes.
  • We added five Thermochromic Paints to the paint range that we manufacture. These paints undergo a reversible colour change at 310C.


I’m pretty sure I have left a few things out of our list of 2019 new products but you can find them all on our website.


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