New Poducts 2019

New Products launched in 2019

  • We extended our Pearlescent Pigment Range with the following colours: Black, Sapphire Blue, Rose Gold, Champagne.
  • We launched Pearlescent Pigment Packs. These allow customers to buy 10g of each colour in single discounted pack. Three such packs are available.
  • We launched two Epoxy Resin systems; Clear Counter Top Epoxy Resin and Clear Casting Resins. We do not manufacture these ourselves but they are imported from the USA.
  • We launched a significant range of Crystals and Stones primarily targeting resin art. As such our focus is on small stones which are hard to find elsewhere. We have three categories of stones; rough stones, tumbled stones – matt and tumbled stones – glossy. We have two categories of crystals; natural crystals and enhanced crystals.
  • We added Resin Art Glass and Texturing Glass Microspheres to our product range.
  • We added a significant range of Allure Epoxy Resin Liquid Colourants. These highly concentrated pigments are very easily mixed into resin to generate amazing colours. Adding very little creates translucent colours while adding a little more creates strong solid colours.
  • We added three Colour Travel Paints (also called Chameleon Paints) to the paint range that we manufacture. These amazing paints change colour as viewing angle changes.
  • We added five Thermochromic Paints to the paint range that we manufacture. These paints undergo a reversible colour change at 310C.
  • Five Thermochromic Pigments and five Photochromic Pigments were added to the wide range of pigments that we supply. 
  • Ultramarine Blue and Ultramarine Violet were added to our ranges of Marbling and Pouring and Arts & Crafts Paints. 


I’m pretty sure I have left a few things out of our list of 2019 new products but you can find them all on our website.


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