Painting a Feature Wall

Creating unique Feature Walls simply by painting them

There are so many options for interior and exterior feature walls but painting them is one of the simplest, cheapest and most effective methods. Many techniques you may see on social media require practice or even a specialist but Bastion Paint has many products that you apply yourself with only a basic knowledge on how to use them.
Add a subtle sparkle over any colour
Simply apply our Crystal Sparkle Paint over the paint colour of your choice which may well be your existing paint. Crystal Sparkle Paint is clear and creates the appearance of subtle tiny shiny points of light shining out of the paint. Available in Gold and Silver.
Metallic Effects
Our 15 colours of Metallic Paint all have sufficient hiding power to apply over your existing paint. You may want a colour that represents a true metal like Gold, Bronze, Copper or Brass or a more exotic metallic colour such as Malachite, Olive, Rufous, Sapphire, Rose Gold or Champagne. Whatever you choose you can apply the paint with a normal roller following only a few simple guidelines. 
Gloss or Matt Effects
Our Clear Top Coat is very stain resistant and easy to clean. A single coat can change your wall to a glossy or a flat matt finish.
Interference Metallic Paints
These paints work differently to Metallic Paints in that light passes though them. It may sound odd but firstly paint your wall black. Apply a single coat of one of our Interference Metallic Paints over the black to obtain a stunning colour finish. Interference Metallic Paints are available in Blue, Green, Red and Silver. We are often asked how these colours differ from a normal colour. In normal paint colours light is reflected and absorbed directly by the surface of the paint while in these paints light is reflected from within the body of the paint and absorbed by the black background painted below the paint. 
Mother-of-pearl Walls with Colour Transition Paints
Mother-of-pearl is known for its tendency to change colour as viewing angle changes. We have three Colour Transition Paints (also called Chameleon Paints) that will make you wall appear different pearl colours along its length. These paints create a truly unique, breathtaking effect. 
Walls that charge colour with temperature
Our Thermochromic Paints undergo a reversible colour change at 31OC. You son will invite his friends over to watch his bedroom wall change colour.
Glow-in-the-dark walls
Put the lights out and your feature wall will glow all night. We manufacture Green and Aqua-blue Glow-in-the-dark Paints.
Stunningly Bright Neon Colours
Maybe not for your sophisticated lounge but great for kids rooms, play rooms etc. Add a UV light and get an incredibly bright glow effect when the UV light is on.
We give you many possibilities for feature walls so there is now no excuse for being boring.


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