Colour Transition Pearl Pigments

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  • Pearl Pigments that change colour as viewing angle changes.
  • Create Chameleon effects in resins and other art forms.
Fuchsia to Gold Silver to Burgundy
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Colour Transition Pearl Pigments

Beautiful Pearlescent Pigments that change colour as the angle of viewing changes. At direct angles they appear one colour (the fist colour in the name) and at flat angles they appear another colour (the second colour in the name). During transition between the two main colours a number of other colours are visible, some only at very specific angles.

These pigments are frequently referred to a Chameleon Pigments and they are a specialised type of Pearlescent Pigment.

The pigments have quite a low hiding power and are thus not suitable to put into paint (other tricks are also required in paints to give reasonable hiding power) but in thicker application films, such as resins, the effects are awesome. On curved surfaces all the colours are visible at the same time to a single observer because the viewing angle changes around the curve. On small flat surfaces the pigment or the object has to move to see the changing colours.

Fuchsia to Gold
Silver to Burgundy
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